Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Working Mommy Wednesday...

Do you bring your work home with you?
When I first started teaching I worked for a tiny private school whose mission was to have an individualized program for every student.  Wow...I worked sixteen to eighteen hour days regularly and at least a full day on the weekend.  The question was more like, "Do I take home to work with me?"  They were crazy long days, but I learned a lot about education and a lot about how to differentiate for various kids.

After my first son was born, I started working in a public school but it was a parent-choice program and the days continued to be very long.  I became more efficient about keeping work at work, and usually only worked a half day on the weekends.

My second son was born after I made the shift to the school in which I currently teach.  When I made the shift, I consciously decided that I needed to draw clearer lines between home and school.  Here's the thing about're never done.  You can always do more...add more detail to a lesson plan, search for a more engaging way to launch a lesson, labor over the accessibility of the text you'll be using.  You can always add more feedback to student work, call more parents, spend more hours analyzing data.  I finally realized that I need to have clear boundaries between home and school.  I learned to be more efficient at work and to bring less home with me. 

Today I usually check and reply to email in the evenings.  If there is something pressing, I will take care of it but if it can wait I let it wait until the next morning.  I frequently text with teachers who are burning their own midnight oil, and offer feedback when I can.  For the most part though, I don't bring home tangible work with me.  Here's the other thing about teaching...there is always a kid, usually more than one, who lingers with me.  A kid who I can't get off my mind...wondering what more I can do to help him be successful.  Those kids are always in my head...they always come home with me at least mentally.


  1. It's hard shutting it off after work! I try lots of different ways... now that spring is near, a walk after work may help! Love walking with the family even if it's just around the block.

  2. I. Hear. Ya. There!!! Drawing the line between work and home is tough. So tough. I'm trying, and actually getting better at it every day, but it's always a challenge!

    Check out my latest post...featuring you and your awesome blog :)


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