Monday, March 14, 2011

Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

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My oldest son was born almost 12 years ago.  One of the lessons I learned while I was pregnant...everyone has an opinion.  Apparently my pregnancy ushered me into a circle of sharing that I didn't know existed.  For some strange reason pregnancy and motherhood seems to invite everyone's opinions, ideas, and suggestions. While some of the advice and suggestions were welcome, some of it was just mean-spirited and hurtful. I soon realized that the best thing I could say sometimes was, "This is what works for my family.  Thanks." 

There are as many ways to raise babies into wonderful children as there are moms.  We rely on our friends to help us through the tough times and get over the frustrations.  What we don't need as moms, is to have other moms tearing us down.  Some of us have careers...some of us stay home...some of us use formula...some of us breastfeed...some of us employ daycare...some of us have other options...some of use put our kids in sports...others are more focused on arts...some of us think private schools are the only answer...others believe in public education... You know the list goes on and on!

One of the reasons I started this blog was to share some of the tips & tricks I have learned as a mom of boys.  I also hoped to meet other moms and learn from them.  I am curious about how and why other people make the parenting decisions they make.  When our choices as moms come from the heart, from keeping the best interests of our children in mind and from a desire to raise a happy healthy child...we won't be wrong. 

This pledge is about respecting the choices of other moms.  It's about putting positive energy into the world and supporting the choices of other moms.  It's about creating a world where children don't learn about bullying by listening to the conversation of moms.  I take that pledge!

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