Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Things they Say...

I keep a small journal by my bed and in it I record the things my kids say.  I don't catch them all, but I have a great collection of their thoughts, their curiousities and the things that just made me laugh.  As my babies get older, I also love to read about the way they used to phrase things and the questions they would ask.  I was feeling reminiscent so these are all from 5-year-old Connar:
  • Black helicopters are never a good thing.  They always mean bad guys!
  • I want to be a real Jedi.  I need to go into outer space and find Yoda because he only trains younglings and I'm a youngling now!  Maybe you can find a Jedi store online and they can send me a practicer, a helmet and a light saber...a real one. I promise not to wreck our house.
  • This is a science discussion.  How can you be all the way downtown and I'm still at Grama's and we can still hear each other over the phone.


  1. I guess Star Wars is big at your place? ;) "I promise I won't wreck the house." Love it!! Makes me want a boy. ;) Thanks for the visit!

  2. That's hilarious!! I love that you capture these. They are so funny!!


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