Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Working Mommy Wednesday...

It's Wednesday again...time to link up with all the working moms for...

 This week's prompt is..."Describe your working life BEFORE kids vs. your working life AFTER kids."

My first teaching job was in a tiny private school.  The director wanted the curriculum to be individualized as much as possible and we didn't have access to any textbooks.  The idea was to match the learning needs and interests of the kids.  Wow!  That was tough for a brand new teacher.  I worked ridiculously long hours and all through every weekend to create personalized tracks of learning for all my students.  My husband was still in school and working for the ambulance so his hours were crazy too.

After my first son was born, I moved to a different school.  This was a public school with the personality of a private one.  The demands of the job were similar though and I was working with a good friend who had made the move from the private school with me.  She didn't have kids yet, and didn't understand my reasons for needing to change my work hours.  The result was lots of tension between her and I, and a sense that I was failing in my job...and as a parent.  No matter how I tried there was no sense of balance. 

For many reasons, I left that school after only two years and moved to a large, public middle school.  One of my personal goals was to find a way to make teaching and parenting coexist in myself.  I was fortunate to find myself on a staff in the midst of a baby-boom (which is still going on 10 years later!)  I was working with other women who were learning to balance teaching and home.  They understood me and they were so helpful.  When my 2nd son was born, it wasn't easy to find balance but I knew that balance (at least sometimes) was possible.

I still search for balance every day.  I have a pretty strict personal rule about the time that I leave work.  I also leave work at work...I do not bring it home with me.  That has forced me to be very efficient at work and sometimes turn down social opportunities.  However it has also enabled me to be much more present at home...which at the end of the day is where I want to be the most!


  1. Great post J!!! You amaze me how terrific you are with juggling so many things and being an amazing Mommy, Wife & Friend :)

  2. I completely agree with you! Balance is much harder to find with 2! Glad you found a school you like and I bet having summers off is awesome!!

  3. isn't great to work with other people (moms) who understand motherhood?? i bet that makes your job 10 times easier. sounds like you've found good balance. and you are present with your kids!! ;)

  4. I search for balance every day too! Keep at it! Happy WMW!

  5. My son (my second) made balance so much tougher too. Great post!


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