Tuesday, September 14, 2010


My baby started middle school last week.  It's a big step.  Connar's also playing on a club soccer team, making new friends, joining the band.  These are all things he's supposed to be doing but it's a little hard to watch.  Last weekend he scored a goal within the first five minutes of a game.  Watching him high-five and chest bump his team mates, I saw a big kid...a really big kid...not my baby.  So, I've been thinking a lot about Connar lately and when I saw that Expressions was the theme of the photo challenge, Connar came to mind.

The Big Photo Challenge

This picture was taken about five years ago at Cannon Beach.  We were roasting marshmallows and telling jokes.  The funny thing about this picture is the fact that my six year old, Aiden, looks just like this right now!  Here's Connar's Expressions of fun and mine...the mixed pride, joy and sadness of watching kids grow up.


  1. It took me a minute to work out who this was! :-) Totally looks like Aiden... but not quite. Great picture.


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