Friday, September 24, 2010

It's Friday...Happy Dance...

This week has been busy, crazy, fun and exhausting...all at the same time!  I went to first grade open house, middle school open house, two football practices, one soccer practice, one soccer game, five days of work, three early morning workouts, and tonight my boys and I are going to our local high school football game!  Wow!

Today, I decided to link up with Mama M and ...

If you could speak with a different accent, what would it be?   The funny think is that I often lapse into a North Dakota accent...I've never lived in North Dakota.  Frequently people will ask me where I am from because of the way I say "boat" :) I've always lived in the Northwest but I can easily pass for North Dakota!

Can you fall asleep anywhere? Yup!  When I was a little girl I would get motion sick and my Gram told me that if I fell asleep I wouldn't feel sick.  Now, it's a little Pavlovian whenever I am in a car or a boat...I get sleepy.  Add that to the exhaustion that accompanies babies, the need to sleep when they do and I have pretty much perfected falling asleep quickly and anywhere.

Do you use public restrooms?  Do you sit on the toilet?  TMI people!  Yes, when the need arises, I use public restrooms.  And yes, with the exception of one, I sit on the toilet.

If you were stuck in an elevator for 24 hours, what celebrity would you most want to be stuck with? Honestly, right now, if I got stuck in an elevator I would want to be with my husband.  I haven't seen him for a continuous 24 hours in ages...that would be super fun!

Where did you and your significant other go on your first date? That's such a fun story...Kyle and I were working together all summer at a local amusement park.  We'd gotten to be really good friends and had spent tons of time together.  For our first date, we actually got tattoos together!  I got my first one...a little daisy on the inside of my right ankle.  Kyle got a caricature of himself and his signature...a fun way he used to sign his name.  We've since gotten a couple of others but the first date tattoos are my favorites!  After tattoos we went to dinner and a movie...that continues to be our favorite date to this day.  Dinner and a movie never gets old :)

I hope your weekend is full of family, full of fun and full of Fall!


  1. how sweet that you picked your hubby!!! and i think it's funny b/c some people are like, "no way would i sit on a public toilet" but umm... sometimes duty calls.

    haha, anyway, happy friday friend!

  2. Stopping by from 5QF! LOVE that you chose your husband to be in the elevator with you. You make a great point, it's been awhile since I spent a full 24 hours with the husband. :)


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