Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup Family…

If you’ve been reading this spring, you know we’re a soccer family.  Right now, we’re a World Cup Family!
June 021
A few weeks ago, Kyle listed out all the teams playing in the World Cup.  Each person got to pick their #1 team, and Kyle bought all of us jerseys.  Kyle and Connar had to arm wrestle for England! – you can see who won.  Connar chose the USA, Kyle has England, I chose Spain and Aiden has Brazil.  Once our first teams were in place, we randomly drew teams to divide up the remaining 28 teams.   The boys were excited with every draw and we all have a pretty even roster.
June 016All the boys are looking forward to watching the games, and they’ll have more fun because they have teams to cheer for.   Of course we'll be keeping track of points.  Any person with at least one team that makes it into the semi-finals gets a treat of their choice.  The winner? He or she will receive a $10 gift card to the store of their choice :) I’ll keep you posted on our standings as the World Cup progresses…we’re off to a fun start as England and the USA face off in an early game.  (There’s a bit of trash talk between Connar and his Dad!)
What fun, sporting adventures do you and your family create?


  1. You guys are so fun & Cute :) Love the pictures!!

  2. Great idea Jen! I'm currently holding out for the loser's place in the office sweepstake. I drew New Zealand, Australia and Chile...can you believe the luck of that? Now if it was rugby I'd have had a chance LOL.


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