Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Water Fight Initiation...

Every year my in-laws initiate the boys into summer with a surprise water fight.  They try really hard to surprise the boys, even though it's a tradition, so the boys are never quite sure when it's coming. 

This year the initiation coincided with a party we were having to watch an arena football game, so all the boys grandparents were on hand to douse them with water. 

 Buckets of water, squirters and water balloons are strategically placed around the backyard to it's easy to reload. 

All in all the water fight lasts about 15 minutes, but the memories and the tradition, last forever!

What traditions mark the beginning of summer for your family?


  1. They always say "Just tell me what day it will be!" But we always seem to catch them off guard. The trick is too get them into the open ground without seeing the squirters, buckets and water balloons. Also, remember to watch your back because after it starts it's every body against every body.

  2. But I noticed the kids were dripping wet and the grown-ups were just a bit wet. Daddy throwing the bucket at Aiden did the trick :)

  3. This is a fantastic idea! And great pictures too - thanks for sharing :-)

  4. Such fun times & memories :) Great idea!!


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