Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Big Photo Challenge...

The Big Photo Challenge

This week's Big Photo Challenge is Special

As soon as I saw the title of the challenge, I knew which picture I was going to use...

This is a picture of Aiden and Kyle in the flight simulator at the Boeing Flight Museum.  The boys and I took Kyle to the museum for Father's Day.  Last summer as we were leaving Seattle, Kyle commented on always wanting to visit the Flight Musuem.  The boys and I were excited when a trip to Seattle coincided with Father's Day and a chance to spend the day learning about planes, flight and all things related.  Everyone was excited to have a turn in the flight simulator!

I took the picture with my Cannon Rebel xsi.  The lighting in the museum was a combination of natural light and overhead lighting, so I had to play with my flash quite a bit to get good pictures.  I liked how this one turned out in terms of lighting and especially composition.


  1. Oooooh I would so love to have had a go in that - it looks like both of them were having fun :)

    Thanks for linking up again Jen. I am still thinking of what I can do for this week's project LOL.

  2. LOVING the smile on T-bone's face. What a cool adventure for your family :)

  3. Co-Pilot to Pilot:
    What's this yellow "T" bar under the seat do?

    Pilot to Co-Pilot:


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