Monday, June 7, 2010

The Big Photo Challenge...

The Big Photo Challenge

The theme this week is...NEW

My photo represents NEW in several ways.  First of all, this is a new suitcase which I purchased last week because I am traveling for work.  My traveling mantra has always been, "I don't pack light" but new restrictions and charges on luggage have cramped my style!  Since I am only going to be gone for two nights I thought I would try out traveling carry-on.  {{gasp}} I know...but I thought I would try new suitcase and new method of traveling...

I managed to pack more than I thought I could in my new suitcase and headed off to a new city...Cincinnati.  Never been here before...and I probably won't be here long enough to really see anything beyond the testing center where I will be working.  But there's one more thing that's new about my picture...

I took it with my iphone...the only camera I have with me because I traveled carry-on and couldn't bring anything extra.  It's sort of a new camera since I haven't entered the BPC with it before...

What's new in your world!


  1. Oh, and a new attitude!
    I was born in that state, remember it's pronounced AhiA not Ohio.

  2. Gosh we must travel light in this house AND Andy can go away for a 3 night stay with just one of those cases between us LOL. Were regular travellers though (usually) and have a lot of practice getting the right mix of essentials :)


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