Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gift Wrap Envelopes - Tutorial...

My parents are celebrating their 40th anniversary, and as a gift I organized a weekend away with baseball tickets, hotel and dinner.  Family and friends contributed to the gift.  I wanted to wrap it in a way that would look pretty & fun, but still be practical to use while they were traveling.  I created this envelope system...

I knew I wanted three envelopes, so I started with three coordinating papers from my scrapbooking paper.  I cut each piece 8" by 9".  Then I used a cutting mat and a stylus to score the edges, so I would have nice, crisp folds.  On the largest envelope, I folded in 2" from each side (to end up with a 4" tall envelope).  The middle envelope folded in 2 1/4" on each side and the smallest folded in 2 1/2" on each side.   Before I folded in the sides, I also scored 1/2" up from the bottom so there would be a flap to fold up.
I cut out the bottom corners, so that when all three flaps were folded and glued, I had a long envelope with one end open. 
I wanted the three envelopes to be offset when they were stacked, so I cut 1/2" off the length of the middle envelope and 1" off the length of the short envelope. 
That's a lot of math and cutting...really I wanted three different sized envelopes that stacked on top of each other :)  I glued all three together before moving on to the next step.

The next step was to prepare the stuff that would go inside the envelopes.  I used coordinating scrapbook paper to make sliders that would hold the travel information, tickets, and gift card. 

I used tags and embellishments on the sliders and small, decorative paper clips to hold everything together.  Each slider was then tucked into an envelope...
With the string on the tag hanging out of the envelope.  I added a couple more stickers and embellishments to the whole package. 
This turned into a practical and cute way to wrap tickets, gift cards and travel information.  My parents just need to tuck this in their bag and they're ready to go!


  1. I bet they were so excited & surprised!! What a cute way to give them those lovely gifts :)

  2. The whole enitre evening was a moment to remember. We knew we were having dinner but it was absolutely totally special from the moment we got there until we had to leave. The trip will be fun and I am excited to go. The envelope system is unique and very functional. Thank you Jeni


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