Friday, June 18, 2010

Five Question Friday...'s time for Five Question Friday hosted at My Little Life by Mama M.

1. What is your favorite thing about summertime?
I love being at home all summer with my kids.  Whether it's a day we're just relaxing around the house or we're on some adventure we always have fun.  It's nice to be able to relax the schedule and routine from our school year and spend more time playing.  My absolute favorite way to end a summer day is around the campfire in our backyard...watching the stars and making s'mores.
2. What is your ideal retirement location (if money didn't matter)?
I love this question!  If money didn't matter, I would retire to a small cottage on the Oregon Coast.  I would love to be near Cannon Beach.  I think being able to watch the Pacific Ocean in all the seasons would be amazing and it would be a great place to have grandchildren visit.  I can picture long nights curled up by a fire with a great book and the ocean crashing outside my door.
3. Do you live in the same town you grew up in?
Yes.  My husband and I tried to move when we first got married, but at that time we didn't have much money to make a move and we were both finishing college.  We decided that whoever got the first job, wherever it was, that's where we would live.  My parents still live in the house I grew up in and it's about 15 minutes away from where we now live.  I love the northwest and I really can't imagine living anywhere else...though we love to travel and explore new places.
4. What nervous habit did you have as a child that you kicked to the curb before becoming an adult?
Hmmm...I didn't really have any nervous habits that I can think of and most of the traits I had as a kid are still there in some shape or form.  The one that comes to mind is my anxiety of playing on team sports...I hate having people watch me.  While I can participate in a team sport now, I don't usually choose to...still don't like people watching me!  I love to be the sports fan!
5. What is the most embarrassing thing that happened to you while on the job?
When I was a new teacher, I was conducting a conference with parents.  They were asking me lots of questions about their child's math achievement and I shared an assessment I had recently given.  The scores were categorized into different math skills.  When the parents asked what the scores meant, I had no idea.  I had given the assessment because I was told to, but I didn't spend any time understanding what the scores meant in terms of each student.  I had no way to answer their questions and I just kept saying, "I don't really know."  Now, as an experienced teacher and a parent, I can't believe I would go into a Parent-Teacher conference so unprepared.  As I was teaching at a private school at the time, I am relieved the parents weren't harder on me than they were.

What's the most embarassing thing that's happened to you at work?  Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. haha! My most embarrassing work story is a first-year teacher story too!


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