Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's...

My oldest son makes his own breakfast in the morning, so I thought it would be fun to raid the Halloween box and set-up a little surprise in the cupboard...
...and one in the silverware drawer...
...and it's hard to see in the picture but I colored the milk green with food color!
Our cat Fyn helped with the coloring of the milk.  The stage is set and all we need now is to surprise the boys.  Happy April Fool's Day to you to.  What surprises did you rig up?

Pop back next Friday when the Book Club will return...I've been reading Sarah Addison Allen's new book, The Peachkeeper and Kate Morton's The Distant Hours


  1. You are so fun!! I love it :) Happy April Fool's!

  2. Those are awesome pranks! Love them :)


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