Thursday, April 7, 2011

Life Lessons...

Connar is a soccer player.  This spring, we realized he needed new cleats and decided to treat him to a "cool" pair.  He's been looking around for a while and had finally picked out the perfect pair of cleats.

Last weekend, his team traveled about three hours out of town for their game.  Our family arrived at the field about an hour before the warm-up.  Time for the boys to run around and play, time for a snack before the game, time to stretch our legs.  Connar wasn't out of the truck for 5 minutes before he came back with a worried look on his face.  "Did you pack my cleats?"  "No buddy, packing your bag is your job."  After a few minutes of digging through the bag, he knew he'd forgotten his cleats.

Cue the iPhone search for a sporting goods or big box store.  We navigated our way several blocks to the store and crossed our fingers that they would have soccer cleats.  There was in fact one pair of cleats that fit Connar.  Perfectly serviceable, though bottom-of-the-line soccer cleats.  As he was tying them and checking the fit he said, "These will work for today."  I smiled a little sadly, and said, "Oh no buddy, these are your new cleats."

Understanding dawned.  His eyes welled up and he nodded.  "Maybe in the fall, I can get the cool ones?"  "We'll see kiddo...why don't you remember these on our next traveling game day?" "Oh I will mommy, I won't forget again!"

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