Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Things they say...

I had fun putting this together last week, and I thought it would make a fun semi-regular feature!

We had friends over for dinner who have adorable babies, one of whom is a 7 month old boy.  My boys loved him!  They brought him toys, talked to him, played with him...they thought he was great!

After our friends went home, and we were snuggled up before bed, Aiden turned to me.  "Mommy, no offense to Connar, but I would really like to have a baby brother!"

Connar immediately jumped in, "Aiden, you could still have me, but we could both have a baby brother."

Then two beautiful sets of blue eyes turned towards me.
"How about if we invite Sam over whenever you feel like you'd like to have a baby brother?"

Aiden snuggled in, "I'd like that.  All the fun of a baby brother, but you only have two sides and I wouldn't want to share you."

Sounds like a perfect solution to me too!

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