Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Working Mommy Wednesday...

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This week's prompt...write about a personality trait, that for good or bad, is just a part of you...

Ok, friends, it's time to 'fess up...I'm a little bit OCD.  I really like things to be orderly, I love organization and I am a bit pushy when it comes to the boys cleaning up their rooms. 

This was the subject of school-age bullying because I was also the smart girl.  I have been made fun of for my handwriting, my crisp neat binders, and my attention to detail for as long as I can remember.  Sometime in college, I decided that I was just going to embrace it and grow a tougher skin. {Fast forward to the principal who thought it was amusing to trash my file cabinets and desk drawers!  Seriously...he thought it was funny.  I realized then that there is only so far a tough skin can take you!}

As a teacher my tendancy to over-organize and leave my desk tidy has resulted in more than a few joking comments...but I finally have the privilege to work with people who know me and are genuinely teasing.  It comes in handy to be well-organized and pay attention to details and those same people often ask for help with their own organizational challenges.  I have also grown accustomed to over-looking the lack of organization and tidiness in other people.  It used to Drive.Me.Crazy.  Now, I am much better at grinning and bearing it!

As a mom, I know I sometimes drive my family crazy.  There are some days when I know that I am compulsively cleaning because it's the only thing I can control.  At least now I realize this and can...almost...laugh about it {while still cleaning!}  I ...generally...leave my kids to their own rooms, though sometimes I go on a cleaning spree there as well.  In my house, I dislike clutter and make sure that the house is tidy every night when I go to bed.  I like orderly bookshelves...I like everything in it's place...I like order and tidiness. 

I guess there are worse things...I've seen the show about hoarders on makes me cringe...and a little bit nauseous...

Now it's your turn...time to 'fess up...what't that one characteristic about you?


  1. Great post! I really like your site, Jen. It's so ... organized and tidy! :-)

    ~ Devon

  2. Would you mind coming by my house and tidying things up a bit for me??? I need a few more OCD tendencies in my life :)

  3. Over organization is SO the least of my OCD worries! =)

  4. Yep. Way worse habits than compulsive cleaning!

  5. you're one of those overly organized people... jk!! that's a good thing. wish i had a little of that! ;)


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