Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Motivation...

Welcome to my entry for Working Mommy Wednesday...our prompt this week...
"What motivates you every day?"

I'm not sure that I have a single, daily motivation, but there are certainly a few things that keep me going...

  • I'm a PLANNER and a GOAL SETTER...I like to have something to look forward to and a sense of the bigger picture.  It's pretty easy to get mired into stress of daily living, but having something to look forward to or a long term goal makes it easier to stay positive.  We usually have a big Family Adventure that we look forward to for several months.  Knowing that there is a get-away in my future makes it a lot easier to get myself to work every day.  I am also looking forward to three triathlons...that's a huge motivation to get myself to the gym in the morning.  Planning helps me stay on top of all the little things that can accumulate.  I am diligent about my calendar and to-do lists so that I accomplish everything that needs doing.  
  • I'm also a GLASS HALF-FULL kind of girl...I tend to look at the world through rose-colored glasses and I'm generally pretty positive.  I believe that even when I don't feel great, or when I'm stressed or tired,  good attitude goes a long way towards talking myself into feeling better.  On some days, when I need extra motivation, I dress up.  I always dress professionally but sometimes I kick it up a notch to make myself feel better and more competent.
  • FAMILY...They are both the motivation and the reason for being's a happy circle!  Knowing that the reason I am working hard is to provide experiences and adventures for my family, helps me work hard.  We have so much fun together and my husband and I are a great team.  Working hard together, has allowed us to play hard together too!
With all that said, there are some days when a Starbucks goes a long way and I don't hesitate on the occasional treat either!


  1. Love that you wrote "It's a happy circle" That is just awesome! Stopping by from WMW :-)

  2. Glad I found you on WMW today! Thanks for coming by and leaving a great comment. You are so right about attitude. Some days, I just feel like being grumpy and lazy. When I consciously re-adjust my attitude, I can make my day a whole lot better.

  3. I don't know how I would get out of bed everyday if it weren't for my family. They are my motivation and keep me grounded in everything I do. I started my blog after having a miscarriage in December and found it to be therapeutic and extremely motivating.
    Thanks for sharing, glad I found your blog!

  4. dead on about attitude. i truly believe that if we CHOOSE JOY it can go a long way. days when kids are crabby, i just try to be silly and change THEIR mood. cuz when they are in a good mood, so is mom

  5. I'm loving reading all these wonderful positive and motivating posts this week! Yay!! :D

    Your post is great - especially reading about your "happy circle" - LOVE it!! - A family support network is soooo important to us busy working mums!! :)

    Have a wonderful week!!...



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