Friday, February 18, 2011

More of my Favorite Books...

I've been looking forward to sharing this week's selection of favorite books....
Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
I was introduced to Harry Potter by Chris, a 4th grader I had in my class several years ago.  At that time we ended the day with a read aloud and Chris really wanted me to read Harry Potter.  From the first page, I was hooked!  I have loved every word on every page.  Prior to the release of the 6th book, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, I reread the entire series.  Though I had thoroughly enjoyed the books on my first trip through, it was in the rereading that I truly came to appreciate the genius of the author.  Knowing the whole story, upon rereading I was impressed with how clearly she knew the entire story when she began writing.  There are small details and pages of fore-shadowing that weren't nearly as recognizable on my first trip through the books.  
The character development is astonishing and I came to love the characters.  I was also surprised with the author's ability to continue to surprise the reader.  It's not often, that I fall in love with an entire series.  Too frequently, I feel like the author loses quality in the story line in response to audience pressure to release books.  That is not the case here...the final book is actually better than the first. 
I am not the only member of my family who fell in love with Harry Potter.  We were all able to visit Hogwarts and Hogsmeade (at Universal Studios: Islands of Adventure) last November.  My oldest son, Connar was chosen by Ollivander himself for a custom wand fitting ...
...and we all had fun brandishing our wands throughout the park.  Our imagination was so captivated, that for an afternoon we were in Hogsmeade, brushing shoulders with the wizarding world. 

If you haven't yet dove into the world of Harry Potter, I so encourage you to pick up that first book.  They make delightful read-alouds...particularly if you like to do different voices while you read...and the stories will carry you effortlessly to a wonderful, magical world!

Just one more week of favorite books before we return to our regular book club...
What are you reading?

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