Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Working Mommy Wednesday...

Interesting prompts this week for Working Mommy Wednesday...
What are you not good at?  What are you Awesome at?

I'm not good at... I have to take this in the context of being a working mommy, otherwise there are just far too many options :)

  • Keeping up with the laundry - I'm not very fond of laundry as it turns out, and if I ever win big money, I intend to have a Laundry Lady "On Staff"
  • Driving past Starbucks - I just love coffee goodness in the morning
  • Remembering to schedule doctor visits for myself - I am much better at making sure that everyone else in my house is well-cared for...but I tend to leave my own things until the last minute
  • Wearing a coat - even in the just seems like too much work, especially since I hate driving in a coat.  I guess it makes more sense to make a mad dash into the building!
  • Remembering daily lunch...I have to bring lunch for the whole week, I absolutely hate thinking about it every day.  If I am not organized about lunch, I will not eat well and have way too many snacks and lunches out.  {Fortunately I am usually organized...see below}
  • Remembering little things...I am not good at remembering people's birthdays or other dates...I love to celebrate though and rely on other people to remind me {I do have a colleague who's excellent at remembering}

I'm awesome at... Again, I have to take this in the context of being a working mommy, otherwise there are just far too many options :)

  • Leaving work at work...ok, my family might not say that I am awesome at this, but I know a lot of teachers who bring lots of work home at night.  I really strive to be efficient at work, so that it doesn't come home with me at night.
  • Being Organized...I really am nutty about organization.  I love school supplies and a row of labeled notebooks makes my heart skip a beat.  My desk is always pretty neat too and lists...don't get me started on my love of lists...I am mocked for this habit but I like order and organization :)
  • Leaving Home at Home...other than bragging about how awesome my kids are, I don't usually let anything that's happening at home affect me at work.  
  • Following through on projects...when I say that I will have something done, then it's rare that I'm not prepared for a project or that I miss a deadline.  I may forget personal details, but I am pretty detailed in my work.
These were kind of awkward lists to make...What are you AWESOME at?


  1. New follower from WMW. Cant wait to read more!

  2. LOL on the coat thing. I don't like driving in a coat, but i hate being cold. now as soon as the weather warms up, i'm all sweatshirt!! even if i'm a bit chilly, i pack the coats away.

    oh, and i can remember people's bdays, i just forget to actually send a card.

  3. I enjoyed reading your lists, and can relate to it all! - especially your yearning for a "Laundry Lady" on staff! (That is a fanatasy of mine too!) I'm also becoming a coffee addict! (A couple of years ago I wouldn't touch the stuff!!)


  4. I founf you through the WMW Linky...great blog! Just became a follower.
    Fellow morning coffee addict here and I am greatly jealous that you have a Starbucks on your route.

  5. I don't know why I never thought to hire a "Laundry Lady" if I won the lottery? I guess I'm too busy fantasizing about the hairdresser I'm going to hire to shampoo my hair everyday.



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