Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Triathlon Training...

I ran my first triathlon two summers ago and I was hooked!  For someone who wasn't sporty growing up, the idea that I could...that I did...finish a triathlon was amazing.  Last year I focused on biking and swimming, and in my two races last summer, these events felt great.  I actually swam and biked better than I had the previous summer.  

Running has been a bit of a challenge for me and I decided to be more intentional in training this year. In the past, I would just run.  I didn't really have a sense of how to train so, I started doing some research.  This article was in last month's Shape Magazine.  Interval training is something I've done with both biking and swimming, but I needed help in figuring out how to get started with running.  

Moving inside to run on a treadmill makes the intervals a bit easier to track.  The interval workouts also, keep the treadmill interesting and are starting to really push my running.  I can already run longer than I could and I am pushing the pace too.  Knowing that so much of sports, especially endurance sports, is mental I have also banished any negative ideas or thoughts about running. My new mantras...I like running...Running makes me stronger...I'll feel great when I'm done! (Sounds cheesy, but it works for me!)

I am excited to be training for three triathlons next summer and excited about being a better runner.

How do you change up your workouts in the fall and winter?

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  1. Great interval workout!! I like your new mantra. I think if we keep telling ourselves we can do it, it will help us power thru to the end!! :)


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