Monday, November 1, 2010

Breakfast and Ballots...

There has been lots of media attention to the mid-term elections, signs posted on every corner and commercials on TV.  Since our county votes through mail-in ballots, we use our ballots as a teachable moment.
While the boys ate breakfast, Kyle and I completed our ballots.  We didn't have too many races that were important, but there were several initiatives, resolutions and bills.  Connar helped us by looking them up in our Voter's Guide, and we deciphered the wording together.  As Kyle and I both belong to unions, we also took into account the perspective of those unions.  Connar asked great questions and actually helped us clarify our thoughts.

I believe strongly that what we model makes a more powerful impression on our children than what we say...and we had more fun voting!


  1. You guys are wonderful role models to those cute breakfast eatin' boys :)

  2. That is super (nerd) cool! *Great* learning moment!


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