Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ode to my Mom Bag...

You all know how much I love my Mom Bags!  I wrote about them here and here... I just love having a cute way to be organized, carry what I need while I have fun with my family.
This is the bag I found for our most recent family adventure to Disney World.  I love this bag!  I popped in to my local Eddie Bauer outlet literally the afternoon before we left, hoping I could find something new that would be comfortable to carry, look cute and accommodate my camera bag.  This is it!

Of course it's a mom bag so, not only was it comfortable, looked cute and held the camera bag it also...
* held both boys wallets...and they needed easy access
* held Aiden's retainer case...in and out every time he ate something
* stored sunglasses and sunscreen
* held a packet of wipes and a first aid kit
* quick access to our "Keys to the World" for fast passes, dining and opening the hotel room
*  held my own wallet
* and...managed to carry the various souveniers and trinkets we accumulated throughout the day

It just wouldn't be a Family Adventure without the perfect Mom Bag!

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  1. Now that's impressive that you got all of that in your cute, stylish mom bag :)


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