Thursday, November 4, 2010

6 Things Children Teach us about Life...

I was recently approached by the team at An Apple a Day to write a guest post.  I hope you enjoy their take on what children can teach us...

It's a cliche that kids see every day through new eyes, but it's true. For most adults, it's too easy to get caught up in the dull, boring aspects of our lives and forget about everything that makes life exciting. Here are a few lessons from our kids that are good to remember from time to time.
Having a Passion is Important
Sometimes it's easy to get down on your hobbies and the things you love to do. Even though they bring you happiness, a negative voice can creep in: I'm never going to get anywhere with this. Kids remind us of the pure joy that comes with simply immersing yourself in a project you love, and not worrying about what anyone thinks or what the project will bring you in the end.
The Possibilities are Endless
Every day kids' dreams and aspirations change, and they truly believe that all of them are possible. How many times have I gotten into a bind to think that it will never resolve itself, but it always does. You never now how things could change, even in the near future.
Look Past the Niggling Details
When you're stressed out and frustrated, it's easy to look at your spouse or loved one and name a dozen details about them that drive you crazy. Kids remind you to look past your spouse's tiny "flaws," because well, they look past yours.
Now is All That Matters
As a mom, you don't have the luxury that your kids do of having complete faith that the future will take care of itself; you're the one who makes sure the future turns out okay for them, after all! But, you can still take a cue from your kids and remember that a life not lived in the moment is a life wasted. Look around and enjoy the small wonders. If your head is always in the future, you never get to enjoy life as it is right now.
Forget About Your Body
Never once have I seen my daughter staring for long stretches of time into the magnifying make-up mirror (okay, she hasn't hit the teen years yet). Although it's hard to let go of our deeply ingrained body woes, do your best to forget them from time to time and give yourself the love you deserve.
Go Without a Plan
Even when I'm working on a creative project, I still find myself agonizing over every detail. After all, what if it turns out badly? Unlike adults, kids don't see their creative attempts (and mistakes) as reflections of their own self worth. They create, and fail, happily and without a plan. And often times, that spontaneity creates something they never would have thought of before.

Joy Paley is a guest blogger for An Apple a Day and a writer on the subject of medical transcription training for the Guide to Health Education.

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