Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Adventure List...

So...here I am on summer vacation! 
This was last summer...but it just evokes summer!

The days spilling out in front of me like...well...like days just waiting to be filled up with fun and entertainment.  Sitting here at the beginning of summer, I thought it would be fun to write my...
Summer Adventure List
becuase there are some things I want to make sure happen! They may not all sound like adventures, but they'll all be fun!

In no particular order...
* Complete two sprint and one Olympic triathlons
* Attend the soccer match of the year...Manchester United v  
  Seattle Sounders!
* Spend as much time as possible creating & crafting
* Update and revise my blog
* Read, read and then read some more
* Visit a local pool at least once each week with my kids...
  Summer Pool Tour 2011
* Take my husband on a mini-vacation for our 16th anniversary
* Host my friends kids for a day of science fun
* Update my 2011 Family scrapbook
* Go somewhere we've never been before

There you have it, my Summer Adventure List! I am looking forward to an amazing summer, and looking forward to sharing adventures with you.

What's on your Summer Adventure List?

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  1. Are you doing the CDA Ironman? I can't remember what your Olympic tri is...if so, good luck this weekend!

    I'm trying to get organized for summer school, working on my tan, reading a ton, and wrapping up training for my half-marathon :)


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