Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Working Mommy Wednesday...

I love the chance to link up with all the other working moms on Wednesdays!

Today's prompt...Do you have your own bank account or do you share with a spouse?

We share everything. When Kyle and I first got married, we were still in school and working part time but a month later I started student teaching and needed to quit my part-time job. We lived in a tiny apartment, and really didn't have much. At that time it didn't make any sense to have two empty least when we shared we had a little bit. Since then there have been times when I have had a larger salary and times when Kyle's salary has been larger. We've moved several times, bought and sold cars and finally bought a house. All the way along we have had joint checking and savings accounts. We've paid off school loans together, accrued and paid off credit card debt together and learned how to be responsible about a budget...together.

For us, there has been no reason to keep separate accounts and every reason to share - especially when we had kids.   The amount of money an individual brings in hasn't made a difference as we have a budget that allows for all of what we need and much of what we want. We are each individually responsible to that budget and accountable to each other. It works really well for us.

As a working mom, I am ending my summer and heading back to work. The kids are getting ready to go back to school and so am I. This year I have really taken the time to refresh over the summer and I am excited for school to start.


  1. Oh wow sounds like a script from my life! We also started out together right out of college making just enough to pay bills, at one day we looked at each other and said this would be easier if our money was together so it has ever since!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love to meet new people.

  2. hope your summer was great!! we share accounts too... no reason NOT to! ever since we got married! ;)

    your blog rocks!

  3. I kind of envy this. Our finances are so crazy between our two businesses and my husbands child support to his ex-wife that there is no way we could co-mingle them all. I wish we could, though!

  4. i found you thru blooming on bainbridge! i am your latest follower! we have separate accounts but there is times i think we should keep them together. i feel more powerful with my own account!!! have a great start to your school year! xo


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