Thursday, August 19, 2010

Toys Rediscovered...

This time of summer is hard on my kids.  They're ready to go back to school and get back into routine.  They're tired of the toys they have and they're tired of each other.  They're ready to go back to school...and I am ready for them to go!

This afternoon, after a morning of playing soccer, football and skate boarding, the boys were hot and tired.  After lunch they sort of disappeared and when I found them...
...they had rediscovered an old friend!  When my oldest was 2 and 3 (8 years ago!) he loved Thomas the Tank Engine and all his friends.  We built tracks that spread through the living room every day.  But, Connar outgrew Thomas and Aiden never really got into playing with trains.  About 6 years ago, we took the train table out of Connar's room and boxed up all the trains.
This afternoon, in their search for something new to play with, the boys stumbled upon the bins of tracks, buildings and trains.  It was like Christmas in August as they unpacked the bins and marveled over the buildings and bridges.

I had such a wonderful time spying on them and listening to them play.  My big sporty boys spent the whole afternoon playing with trains and building tracks all around the Family Room.  I love that they can relax and play together.  I love that they don't feel the need yet to be super cool at all times.  I love that I saved all those trains, and tracks, bridges and buildings.  And I loved listening to my boys play....really play together... in a land of imagination and fun for the whole afternoon. 

What moments do you take time to savor?


  1. Wow! That is cool, I wish I had been there to see it too.

  2. I remember when Connar would cover the whole living room floor with track and trains.


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