Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mom Tips for Kids Packing...

It seems kids are always packing for something...here's some of the things I do to make life easier...

Packing for Sports Practice / Game: We've invested in several string-style backpacks.  These are lightweight, easy to wash and they aren't very expensive (so I'm not upset when they get lost).  Depending on the sport, I make a list of the items needed...shin guards, socks, shoes, water bottle, goalie gloves...and put the list into a small luggage tagb attached  to the backpack.  The boys are then responsible for checking their bag before leaving to make sure they have everything they'll need.

Packing for a Slumber Party:  Slumber parties are usually just an overnight and not far from home...so I let them pack for themselves.  Connar at 11, knows what he'll need and since he's not far away or gone for too long it's ok if he forgets something.  In fact, it's great when he forgets because he's more likely to remember the next time.  Aiden at 6, doesn't always think through what he'll need so I either give him a packing list or do a verbal check list when he's done.  Again, the string backpacks are just the right size.

Packing for Camp:  When the boys went to camp, the camp provided a great packing list.  I sat in the hallway between the boys rooms, with their duffel bags and read the items off the list.  This way I was able to help make sure they're getting what they need, but the boys were able to choose their own clothes, towels & swim suits.  It takes longer than if I were to just pack them myself, but eventually I want them to be able to pack on their own...teachable moments are worth the time they take!

Packing for Vacation:  This is similar to packing for camp, but I don't have a packing list.  I still sit in the hall between their rooms with the suitcase.  Connar will lay out everything he thinks he needs and I will help him edit.  With Aiden, I ask for ...5 pairs of shorts and t-shirts...2 pairs of jammies...one nice shirt and pants...and he'll fill the order.  They each have a carry-on bag for the airplane...those string back packs again!  I have a couple of new DS games and a card game for each boy that's new.  In addition, they are able to take whatever they want to play with...as long as it fits into the bag!

How do you help your kids pack?


  1. Great tips!! Packing is overwhelming but sitting down with a checklist helps :)
    I'm on my way to Target for a few last minute items and then it's vacay time!!

  2. Nice tips! we usually have a list of priorities when we travel,it lessens the hassles.


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