Friday, July 29, 2011

Triathlon Mom take 2...

Last weekend, I participated in my second triathlon of the season - Race the River.  This was such a fun event and I was amazed at what I accomplished.  In this race, I was race-testing a new wet suit.  The water was a bit cold, and it gave me a chance to see how the wet suit felt in a race as well as practice in the transition zone.  I'll be needing the wet suit in the Olympic tri in August and I was really glad that I tried it out.  I was able to take almost 6 minutes off my swim over last year...I was off to a great start!

This race has a three-loop bike course which is pretty congested.  It's hard to find your rhythm in the race when you are constantly passing or being passed.  I felt good through the whole bike race though and finished faster than I did last summer.
I was speedy in the transition zone too.  A first-time triathlon-er commented before the race, on my transition zone.  Laughing, I realized that all the tricks I have are because I made mistakes in previous races.  This summer my big addition was an obnoxious striped towel.  It can be hard to find your transition zone {this race had over 800 athletes} so I arrive early to set up and display my obnoxious towel to help me find my spot.
I was off and running ... this race I also decided to try a Sport Skirt and I loved it!  I felt surprisingly strong through the whole race.  My run felt good, my feet felt good and all the aches and pains I have had in training seemed to disappear.  I had fun!
There I am nearly to the finish line.  There was a huge column of fans and athletes lined up to create a chute to the finish line.  It was awesome to hear everyone cheering and I felt great crossing the line.
I ended up taking 10 minutes off my time from last year.  I couldn't believe it!  The training has really paid off.  There are now 20 days until my Olympic tri...wish me luck!


  1. Blessings are you train for your Olympic triathlon. I was going to try the running skirt as well. They look comfortable!

  2. YES! 10 minutes faster is AWESOME!!!! You look great and like you are having FUN! So happy for you :)

    p.s. tagging you with a blog meme award thing tonight... no worries if you aren't wanting to do it... i never know who's into them and who isn't :P


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