Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Father's Day Celebration...

My family loves soccer!  You can't read to many of my posts before you know that little detail.  Both my boys play soccer, I coach the youngest's team, and my husband plays soccer too.  They also play soccer video games, soccer in the backyard and they watch a lot of games.  Soccer is a pretty big deal in our house.

This summer Manchester United is on tour in the United States.  Man United is the team for my boys...all of them!  We have extra channels so that we can see all the Man United games. We have multiple jerseys and scarves, soccer balls and beer steins emblazoned with the Man United logo. There's a huge flag flying outside my house in honor of Manchester United...they're a pretty big deal!

Imagine the excitement in our house when we learned that Manchester United would be playing the Seattle Sounders in an International Friendly game.  The Sounders are our 2nd favorite team, and we cross the state a couple times each summer to watch a game.  This week we traveled to Seattle to see Manchester United and the Seattle Sounders.
 This was an amazing adventure for our family.  We enjoyed ourselves in Seattle a bit before the game, including a stop for more Manchester United gear!
 Man United won the Barclay's Premier League last season, and they are traveling with the cup.  Why not?  It's pretty impressive.
 We love the Sounders too, so it was exciting to watch them play.  But, the thrill of seeing athletes you've only seen on TV in person...it was phenomenal!
 #10 is Wayne Rooney...a family favorite {we even have a cat named Rooney}...
 ...the thrill of the game was watching Rooney score not one, not two, but three goals in the second half.  A Rooney Hat Trick!
 Happy Father's Day to the most amazing Daddy in the whole world!

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