Monday, May 23, 2011

My Flower Garden

I'm typically a pretty organized, science-y person so my approach to gardening surprises me...and people who know me.  My garden is all about trial and error...discovering what works and what doesn't.  I could read books and research gardening, create a plan,  but instead I just plant things and watch what happens.  My goal is to have full flower beds that bloom from spring into fall...with as many daisies, or daisy-like flowers as possible!

We've had a late spring this year, so the garden is slower than usual but I'm excited to share some of my early bloomers...
This is my Mother's Day daisy.  Usually it blooms for Mother's Day and is my first blooming daisy each year. This year it's first again. but a couple of weeks late.

I have two red Bleeding Hearts and one white one.  This flower is grows so fast in the spring and blooms early.  I love the delicate looking flowers.

My Lilac is a pretty special plant, this one is about 7 feet tall now and started as a start from the lilac tree at my mom's house.  She started her lilac from a start from my Great-Grandmother's my lilac is just like having a bit of my great-grandma at my house.  I also love the fragrance of lilac...for a couple of weeks each year my backyard smells amazing!

This part of my yard doesn't get much sun during the day, so it's been interesting to play with plants who like water but not as much sunlight.  It's also the perfect place to display some crystals of columnar basalt.  This type of basalt is my all-time favorite rock!  {Don't you have a favorite rock?}

These cute little puffballs are an English daisy.  This plant is new to my front garden this year and I can't wait to see how it does.

I have strawberries and tomatoes...they both flower too...but that's all the food I grow.  The rest of my garden is all flowers!  What's in your garden?

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