Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Adventure List...

Several weeks ago, I wrote this post about all the adventures I was looking forward to this summer.  As my return to work date is hovering, I thought I should take a minute to review the list...

* Complete two sprint and one Olympic triathlons I have in fact complete the two Sprint triathlons and I am in my taper week for the Olympic.  It's Saturday...send some positive energy my way!

* Attend the soccer match of the year...Manchester United v   
  Seattle Sounders!
Yes!  That Father's Day Adventure was amazing.  The most fun I have ever had at a soccer game.

* Spend as much time as possible creating & crafting I have done my level best with this goal!  My Silhouette has been humming and I've been having a great time with girlfriends.  I will post next week about some of our crafts and I have a new Birthday Plate that is awesome!

* Update and revise my blog Well... I could spend a little more time but some of the important changes have been made.  I would like to create some great fall blog buttons to share with all of you.

* Read, read and then read some more Oh, my little Kindle has been humming.  I have certainly not been slacking in the reading department this summer.  In fact, if you have a chance The Hangman's Daughter is my most recently finished book and it's fantastic.  I'll share more in the next Book Club post.  

* Visit a local pool at least once each week with my kids...
  Summer Pool Tour 2011 We have been swimming at least once a week this summer.  There are a couple of pools still on our list because we've visited a couple more than once.  We've also have a couple of great beach days since I've needed a few open water swims in preparation for the big race!

* Take my husband on a mini-vacation for our 16th anniversary We spent a couple of days in a beautiful hotel in our town while the kids were at camp.  It was so much fun to just do whatever came to mind.  In one afternoon we went to a 3-par golf course, played roulette at a nearby casino and then went to a paint-your-own pottery studio.  Random and super fun!

* Host my friends kids for a day of science fun We have already enjoyed one great science day and plans are in the works for another one.  Check out The Science Mommy for all the details.

* Update my 2011 Family scrapbook Ok, you've got me here.  The Family Scrapbook is a bit out of date.  I will have to hustle to have it current before school starts.  I did manage to create a great 8x8 book of the Manchester United soccer game!  My husband loved it!

* Go somewhere we've never been before We went to the DaVinci exhibit at the museum and we went on the Underground City Tour in Seattle.  Both were great adventures.  Aiden's never been to the top of the Space Needle (well, he didn't remember going since he was about 2) so we made sure he got to the top this summer.  I have never been to the par-3 golf course...and actually thought I hated golf until that experience which was surprisingly fun.  Kyle plays by the "fun rules"!  And finally, the boys are going camping with their grandparents in a couple of weeks and will have several adventures they've never had before.  

We're having a great summer here!  Just a couple more weeks of fun adventures, before we start shopping for school clothes, school supplies and the fall soccer season begins in earnest.  What's been your favorite family adventure this summer?  

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