Sunday, March 28, 2010

Welcome to Chase-ing the Dream...

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while now, and today my great friends Ross & Tessa helped me get started. Stay tuned for an appearance makeover in the next few weeks...I have some fun ideas in mind.

The big idea behind my blog is sharing some of the tips, tricks, trials and tribulations of being a mom-who-plays and a mom-who-works and everything in between.

Right now I am listening to my boys chase a Havoc Heli RC helicopter around the house and listening to the Dropkick Murphy's. They are my favorite band to clean the house to (and run to as well). The boys and I have finished our weekend chores and I have paid allowence to spending money and savings (more on that in a future post.) Soon, I'll pour a glass of wine, make dinner and settle us into a good movie. My husband works 24-hour shifts as a firefighter and he's at work tonight.

Thank you for joining my world...I hope this journey is fun for you as well :)


  1. Jen, it's so great to be apart of your life. This is a fun and I love being able to be apart of your journey :)

  2. I like this. Julie and I will follow.
    Granpa Danny


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